October 4, 2023

Qualcomm Brings Home Broadband To The Auto

Qualcomm Brings Home Broadband To The Auto

As seen at CES and at numerous other technology events, the automotive sector has come a attraction platform for new commanding- edge technology. As the member transitions to electric vehicles( EVs) and independent vehicles( AVs), it’s using the rearmost in connectivity, display, plates, networking, processing, detector, and artificial intelligence and machine literacy( AL/ ML) technologies. As a result, technology companies are pushing the limits of invention. Qualcomm just took another major step in automotive connectivity invention with the preface of a new Snapdragon bus 5G Modem- RF Gen 2 platform that brings living room- quality broadband into the auto.

At CES in January, Qualcomm had an emotional demonstration of its Digital Chassis platform in the form of a custom- erected auto. The working prototype EV AV auto abused the Digital Chassis ’ advanced motorist backing system( ADAS), cockpit, connectivity, and software technologies all integrated into an seductive high- performance passenger vehicle. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Qualcomm took a major step forward with automotive connectivity technology with the new Snapdragon bus 5G Modem- RF Gen 2 platform. Offering increased recycling power and system capacity( doubled from the former generation), this rearmost bus modem- RF platform will support safer and further connected in- vehicle gests thanks to lower quiescence for content streaming on multiple bias contemporaneously, precise positioning independent driving and further. Riders and passengers will have an occasion to have a more individualized girding and experience with the platform’s support for connected services and operations.

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