April 1, 2023

How to put ChatGPT on Galaxy Watch, Pixel Watch, Wear zilches

How to put ChatGPT on Galaxy Watch, Pixel Watch, Wear zilches

ChatGPT is the talk of the city these days, and while Bing has enforced the AI- powered tech stylish so far, you can not get Bing Chat far and wide justyet.However, ChatGPT might be just the thing for you, If you are tired of Google Assistant or Alexa’s concise responses and want commodity further from your wrist- mounted adjunct.

For this tutorial, you will need a Wear zilches- powered smartwatch. nearly all of the stylish Android watches( opens in new tab) are powered by Google’s Wear zilches including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, TicWatch, Google Pixel Watch( opens in new tab), and numerous others. WearGPT works on both Wear zilches 2 and Wear zilches 3- powered watches.

Keep in mind that this is running on ChatGPT- 4 which, as of this jotting, is still running on a knowledge base that stops in September 2021. In other words, feel free to ask ChatGPT intriguing questions about literal data, calculation questions, or some other fact that would have was before September 2021. At this time, only Bing Chat uses ChatGPT and provides over- to- date knowledge for questions like” what’s the rainfall?” or” what’s passing in my city this weekend?”

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