May 31, 2023

What is Your Ultimate Two- Auto, Fun/ Reliable Garage?

What is Your Ultimate Two- Auto, Fun/ Reliable Garage?

Auto suckers love to dream about fantastical two- auto garages. The stylish, the worst, the bones you ’d buy with hundreds of thousands of bones. But occasionally, limits beget creativity — putting a many qualifiers on your perfect troop can make your answers all the more intriguing.

So moment, we ’re asking for you ideal two- auto garage, but with a new qualifier One auto has to be dependable, and one auto has to be delightful. Both can be both, if that’s your bag, but you ’ll need at least one of each. Of course, I ca n’t stop you from claiming an Alfa Romeo as your dependable auto and a Trax as your fun one, but I can mercilessly immerse on you for doing so.

My fun and dependable two- auto garage is an odd bone. The delightful auto, the one purely for the excitement of it, would be a jewel truck or prerunner — anything that can be jumped off of a drift without turning the frame into a taco. As a genuine race- erected vehicle, I know neither of these would be dependable, but either one would be a damn good time.

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