October 4, 2023

Researchers develop an inflatable keyboard for an OLED panel

Researchers develop an inflatable keyboard for an OLED panel

The physical keyboard is probably one of the things that people miss most about modern smartphones. That is the reason BlackBerry gadgets were so well known previously – they offered an unmatched composing experience. For the past 15 years, Future Interfaces Group researchers have been working on a solution and have made significant progress.

The technology, which is called Flat Panel Haptics, uses inflatable buttons to provide tactile feedback on a flat surface. An embedded electro-osmotic pump is incorporated into the 5 millimeter-thick FPH. The fluid pushes onto the flexible screen surface and creates a 5 millimeter-thick rigid button by activating the small pumps with an electrical current.

The model FIG shows in the video utilizes a delicate silicone surface on top of the OLED board, like the one utilized in the present foldable cell phones. In addition to physical keyboards, the surface’s ability to inflate and deflate upon demand has additional practical implications. To make it easier for blind people to navigate, the display can make an app icon or other UI component appear larger. for instance.

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